“We have made more than 18,000 sandwiches since the project began in November 2008,” said Helen Burland.  “PB and J Friday has been part of our program and we look forward to it every month!”

Once a month, volunteers, students and staff gather in the gym and form an assembly line to produce peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Merton House, a local soup kitchen. Everyone is broken up into teams: the peanut butter spreaders, the jelly team, toppers, sandwich cutters, and baggers. With music in background, each team works on their task and before you know it, 300 sandwiches are done!

On Friday, December 19th, Fr. Ian Jeremiah, Nancy Murphy, Steve and Moreen Donahue, Sr. MaryRose and Kathy Madzulla along with our regular volunteers, Michelle Quinn, Sr. Leonora, Sr. Diane, Sr. Henry and Sr. Donna gathered with the students and staff. With Christmas Carols playing, everyone got right to work and finished in less than an hour. This wonderful partnership with members of the Order of Malta and Sisters from School Sisters of Notre Dame is our way of giving back to the community and to learn that we all have something to share! We celebrate our abilities by helping others in need.