Building for the Future Campaign

Be a part of Saint Catherine Center’s future
as we expand our facility and our programming.

Community. Life skills. Relationships. Purpose. Everyone wants to learn, belong, and celebrate their abilities and successes. This is what we offer our students and young adults at Saint Catherine Center for Special Needs.

Since Saint Catherine Center opened its doors, there has been an evolution of expectations of what young people with disabilities can accomplish and their place in the community. The Building for the Future Campaign will provide the resources needed to reimagine our programming and transform the learning experience; strategically renovate and expand our physical footprint, and build upon a solid financial foundation that will ensure the Center continues to thrive in years to come.

Thanks to the many generous friends of Saint Catherine Center, we have achieved our goal in pledges and cash, which allows us to enter the final planning stages of the construction project.

While the original goals for Building For the Future have been met, there are still opportunities to be part of the project. Contributions may be designated to the expansion and will be included in the project and reserve fund. Make your contribution today. We welcome your support.

Expanding Our Footprint

Opened before the Adult Day Program was conceived, we have outgrown our current home on the grounds of Holy Cross Church. This vision calls for an expansion and renovation of our current space, more than doubling our current footprint, from 6,200 square feet to 12,700 square feet. With more than twice as much space, we will have room to grow into the future:

Evolving Programs

As the needs of our students and adults have evolved, so has our vision for programming. This vision includes:

Will You Join Us?

This is a defining moment in our history. With a goal to open the new Center in 2023, your participation in the Building for the Future Campaign will provide transformative support for the young people and families who come to us to learn, grow, and thrive.

Contact Helen Burland, Executive Director, at 203-540-5381 or email for more information about how you can be part of the future at Saint Catherine Center.
“Saint Catherine Center for Special Needs is at the very heart of the mission of the Church, for if there was one thing that characterized Our Lord’s Ministry, it was that He always stood by those who were vulnerable. I have watched the Center grow and thrive as they companion children and young adults with disabilities, teaching, challenging, and nurturing them to become as independent as possible. It is both challenging and rewarding, and I look forward to this new phase of growth.”

Most Reverend Frank J. Caggiano, Bishop of Bridgeport