“We support Saint Catherine’s because we believe in its mission to respect, support, and love each child as a unique and valued gift, and to encourage each person’s potential. Over many years as a volunteer, I have witnessed the loving, caring, and respectful community that is Saint Catherine’s. It is a joyful, happy, and fun place to learn and grow! Teachers love and support their students, encouraging them to be their best selves and modeling kindness, generosity, listening, and acceptance—and as a result, the students treat each other the same way. The leadership and teaching staff are tremendous, dedicated, and faith-filled individuals.”

“The students and staff at Saint Catherine’s are dear to my heart. I am filled with tremendous joy and gratitude that such a place exists in our diocese.”

Virginia Dwyer-Aoyama, Volunteer & Supporter
“Prior to St. Catherine, Anna attended a public school and was allowed to get by with minimum effort. She needs to be pushed to learn the right way to read, speak, and sing. So it probably took a couple of months for Anna to adjust to the pace and embrace Saint Catherine Academy and the curriculum. The physical layout is very accommodating for Anna and her classmates, which allows for productive interaction between students and teachers and their assistants.”

“What has impressed us the most is that Anna is starting to read and comprehend much better than she ever has. Sr. Cheryl and Sr. Maureen’s dedication with her and the other students is phenomenal! We know it is sometimes difficult for her, but we feel that St. Catherine provides Anna with the right level of teaching, direction, and encouragement to succeed.”

“Given the level of federal, state and local laws and regulations for primary education, the staff is very good at what they do. Once, we saw the principal changing the exterior signage on the school bus to comply with a recent state law change. His task, while simple, shows the level the staff will go to make sure the students can experience an environment that promotes educational, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.”

“The generosity of the Diocese and donors over the years to build the school is humbling for us. We like the invites from time to time to attend Friday Mass/prayer groups, and it is beautiful to see Anna and her classmates participate in the Mass.”

“Anna is excited to return this year! In short—we love Saint Catherine Academy!”

Dave and Jill, parents of Anna
“We’ve seen such a big change in Nyah since she started at Saint Catherine Academy. She is a lot more vocal, and a little more patient. She’s also more sociable and interacts more with her peers. We don’t know what type of person she would be becoming if it wasn’t for Saint Catherine’s. If I had to sum up the experience for us in one word, it would be Blessing.”

Keesha and Sheldon Holmes

“My son Ronald transitioned to Saint Catherine after high school two years ago and it has been the best decision I could have made for him. He’s doing so much better since being there. I have noticed the growth within him—learning life skills and becoming more independent. He has stopped so many little habits he had and has gained so much self esteem. All the staff is very caring and have a lot of patience. Everything at the Academy is taught with consistency and being a part of all the activities has helped Ronald become a better version of himself.”

Debra Milton, Mom

“Our son Philip has gained immensely by being a part of St. Catherine Academy! His academic and personal growth has been a constant during his three years here. Philip’s enthusiasm toward both the staff and his classmates is priceless; he is truly “at home” when he comes to school. The Academy enables Philip to exert his independence in a safe and inspiring environment.”

“The sincerity and dedication of the staff is unrivaled; they’ve got Philip’s number, and we’ve felt welcome since our very first encounter. We look forward to watching Philip continue to grow for many years to come at St. Catherine!”

Karen and Phil, parents of Philip