Fairfield – Students from Notre Dame High School spent the morning Notre Dame students 001at Saint Catherine Academy as part of their day of service. The morning included with some lessons on Internet Safety, gym activities, snack and board games.  Jeanna from Notre Dame started with the important message, “You can have fun on the internet, you just have to be careful and safe.” Using a SMARTboard, the Notre Dame students demonstrated how to adjust personal settings on their Facebook page. It is an important for all young people to learn because privacy is something that should not be taken for granted.

“The day was really interesting, “added Jonathan, a Saint Catherine Academy student. “ I learned that you can block people you don’t know on Facebook.”

“Don’t talk to people you don’t know on the internet because it could be dangerous,” reported Kelly, another student at Saint Catherine Academy.

The most popular activity of the morning was a very spirited game of Dodge Ball followed by a snack. The students all agreed that it is fun to have a day that is different than their typical day. “I got to meet some great new people,” said Mario, from Notre Dame. Both groups had a chance to share what their typical day looks like. “Culinary is one of our subjects,” said Jonathan. ” I wish we had a chance to learn how to cook,” added Brianna, from Notre Dame.

During a game of Bingo, everyone was trying to get to “Bingo” first! A lively game of “Zingo” was going on in another room. Days like these are beneficial to both student bodies with Saint Catherine Academy students having the chance to interact with typical peers while students from Notre Dame having a chance to learn what it means to have different learning styles. The student –to- student exchange is “priceless.” Marianne Cassidy, Notre Dame parent chaperone summed it up. “This was clearly a visit that made a deep impression on our students. As a parent, I enjoyed sitting back and watching a group of teens, regardless of their abilities, doing things together with a genuine enjoyment of each other.”