Learning from Each Other

The beginning of school offers many opportunities to share and explore and develop. We share our summer experiences with our classmates and teachers. This opens our minds to new ideas that encourage us to explore. We look at new skills that we might need and we begin to build on skills that we already have with confidence. We share our talents with each other and we open our hearts and minds to learning from each other. Now we work together to develop something new – an idea; an art project; a new skill.

In September, the students involved in our vocational program last year reviewed their job placements and talked about workplace behavior and what it means to be a good employee. These students were joined by students who were new to the vocational program and they shared their perspective on work. By the middle of the month, Saint Catherine students were at Bigelow Tea, Gilberties Herb Farm and TJMaxx.

Other students began to explore reading learning site words and looking at texts in the library and on I Pads. Some of our older students paired up with some of our younger students to show them how to explore a book. In the process, we are developing relationships with each other and are learning to respect one another and enjoy our new friends.

All is possible if we take the time to share, explore and develop!