Three weeks into the summer program, the summer group of students and recent graduates enjoyed a day at Beardsley Zoo. Before they left, Mrs. Burland challenged Jonathan, Kelly and James to come back to Saint Catherine Academy ready to answer two questions – “What animal and its habitat did you see?” and “Did you see any animal that used camouflage to survive?” And off they went.

Wolves, peacocks, deer, different birds, antelope (not cantaloupe!) and prairie dogs to name a few were the exhibits that they visited. Some of the students got the chance to see what it would be like to be a prairie dog coming up from burrowing in a tunnel. All the students and graduates posed in front of the “How tall are you?” and got to see just how big a tiger really is.
There was time for a snack before the journey continued winding through the exhibits. Upon return, Jonathan reported on the habitat of the turtle while James learned that owls are night animals that live in the woods. Kelly shared her information about antelopes. It was a great day at the zoo!