Sergeant Jonathan K. Edmonds helped our students honor our veterans and active duty service men and women by coming to Saint Catherine Center for Special Needs and telling them about his career in the US Marines! Sergeant Edmonds talked about his journey from boot camp, through his time as an infantryman, to his current post as a recruiter in Bridgeport.  He had previously served in Japan, Hawaii and Afghanistan.  He told us that he is looking forward to returning to his role as an infantryman when he finishes his current post as a recruiter.  He described each of his medals, and the reason each was awarded.  He was very proud of his dress uniform, which he described as his favorite.


Sergeant Edmonds spent time answering all of the questions put to him by our students. Kelly asked him about his time in basic training-.  He replied that is was tough, and that it is the most difficult of all the branches of the military.  Jonathan asked him about his pay and living quarters.  He told us about the college style dormitories you live in as a new marine, but that you get a housing allowance when you are married.  The allowance enabled him to find a nice house in Shelton, where he lives with his wife and their thirteen year old daughter.  He posed for a photo with all of our students who were present, and gave each student a USMC sticker.  All of our students were excited by the visit, and appreciated his talk.