ImageDate StartTime StartTitleSummaryEvent Categories
2021-09-01Academy – First Day of School
2021-11-01All Saints Day

No school

2022-06-20Summer School 2022 Begins (projected)
2022-06-14Last Day of School (projected, no snow days)

Dismissal at noon

2022-05-30Memorial Day

Center closed

2022-05-06Early Dismissal – Professional Development

Dismissal at noon

2022-04-18Spring Recess

Academy closed Mon-Fri, April 18-22

2022-04-15Good Friday

No school

2022-03-18Professional Development

No school

2022-02-17Winter Recess

Academy closed Thurs-Mon, Feb. 17-21

2022-01-27Early Dismissal – Professional Development

Dismissal at noon

2022-01-17Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Center closed

2021-11-02No School – Professional Development

No school

2021-10-29Early Dismissal- Professional Development

Dismissal at noon

2021-10-21Staff Retreat

No school

2021-10-11Italian Heritage Day

No school

2021-09-23Early Dismissal – Professional Development

Dismissal at noon

2022-05-10Board of Directors Meeting
2022-03-05Board of Directors Meeting
2022-01-29Board of Directors Annual Retreat
2021-12-23Christmas Break

Dismissal at noon on Dec. 23; Center closed Dec. 24 until Jan. 3.

2021-12-23Saint Catherine Academy Christmas Pageant
2021-12-07Board of Directors Meeting
2021-11-24Thanksgiving Break – Early dismissal Nov. 24

Dismissal at noon on Nov. 24; Center closed Nov. 25-26

2021-11-07Mass for People with Special Needs
2021-10-0317:00Joy & Gratitude Dinner

Visit www.bidpal.net/sccdinner to register.

2021-09-06Labor Day

Center Closed

2021-07-15Summer School ends
2021-07-05No Summer School today
2021-06-21Summer School begins

June 21, 2021 – July 15, 2021 No school on 7/5

2021-06-1607:45Last day of School

Early Dismissal – 12 noon

2021-05-31Memorial Day

Center closed.