Health and Wellness

Making healthy choices is emphasized through discussion of diet, exercise, personal care, cleanliness, and other topics, such as bullying, social skills development, and community awareness. Students are assessed in each of these areas and instruction is individualized to their developmental needs. Physical Education instruction includes both individual and group goals and activities, ranging from athletic and social skills development to weight management.

We address healthy eating through our culinary and nutrition program. Students discuss healthy food choices, and plan menus accordingly. They shop for the food, prepare it in the Apartment kitchen, and eat their meal family-style. Finally, they clean up to maintain a clean and healthy space for food preparation.

Our health curriculum is integrated with the related services of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Social Work services, and Life Skills Program. A full-time nurse assists teachers with health education and provides education in medication management toward independence where appropriate.