Creative Arts

The Creative Arts have a fundamental place in the curriculum at Saint Catherine Academy. Cognitive ability does not affect each student’s enjoyment because the Creative Arts transcend cognitive limitations and developmental delays. Through art, music, and dance, students have the opportunity for self expression and are encouraged to “find their inner artist.”

During art class each week, students use multiple mediums to learn self-expression. Themes from the academic curriculum, such as geography, science, nature and even math are integrated into the program. Students learn about artists and their work, such as Van Gogh and Chihuly.

Students develop their fine motor skills, learn how to focus and follow directions, and understand that there are many ways to “do art.” The artwork that is created has a personality as unique as each individual. 

Music can be a powerful tool for individuals with disabilities, and is integrated into many of the programs at Saint Catherine Academy. Different types of music are introduced and vocal skills are developed, while also incorporating the therapeutic benefits of improved social and communication skills.

Besides enjoyment, the benefits of music include improved cognitive functioning and gross motor skills, reduction of anxiety, and the joy of self-expression. From singing attendance or the day of the week to performing in the annual Christmas Pageant, our students learn the joy of music and expression through song. 

Yoga helps students relax and focus at the same time. We partner with ASD Fitness Center to provide weekly yoga classes, where students practice paying attention and following instructions while building strength and flexibility.