Students succeed at Saint Catherine Academy because of our small, individualized program in a nurturing-yet-challenging environment that recognizes the capabilities of each student. We work together to help each student achieve their highest level of personal independence.

We recognize that students with multiple, developmental, or intellectual disabilities need a program that combines life skills and core academics to better prepare them for independent living. These needs are not always adequately addressed in traditional school settings that may lack this focus and an appropriate peer group.

Integrated, Intentional Learning

Saint Catherine Academy offers a careful integration of academics and living/vocational skills delivered in a facility specially designed for our program. Our faculty are state-certified professional educators who holistically address students’ social and academic education, supported by experienced instructional assistants.

Program focus evolves with the student at each stage of learning. Elementary and middle school-age students spend a greater amount of time on core academics, supplemented with life and social skills. The adaptive High School Program introduces a greater concentration on vocational skills, reinforced by continued work on academic and social skills. The Transition Program has equal emphasis on vocational and independent living skills, reinforced by functional language and math skills.