Admissions Welcome

Dear Prospective Students and Families,

Eric Spencer, Director of Education, with a Saint Catherine Academy student

Thank you for your interest in Saint Catherine Academy! As you get to know the students and teachers here, I think you will agree that the Academy is a very special school. Our students are respected and recognized for their individual needs and talents. Working with you in a nurturing environment, we aim to develop those academic, social, living, and vocational skills that will lead to the highest level of independence.

Our students come from Fairfield and New Haven counties and benefit from the small classes focused on both academic and functional learning objectives. We have students who are placed by their school districts, as well as students who have been placed by their parents. For these students, need-based tuition assistance is available.

Visiting is the best way to learn about our program. Please call us at 203-540-5381 or use the contact form to make an appointment.

We look forward to working with you.


Eric Spencer
Director of Education


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