This is the most commonly asked question of returning students and is often met with reluctance and sometimes groans. But when we asked Kelly to describe her summer experience she smiled and began to tell us about an adventure that started 10 months ago.

Looking for something interesting to do that matched her interest in law enforcement, Kelly discovered the Fairfield Explorers Post. The group meets weekly with classes in self defense, traffic safety, fingerprinting and physical fitness just to name a few. Some weekends, the Post volunteers to help with traffic for local 5ks or carnivals. Fast forward to the Summer 2014.

Sixteen members of the Fairfield Explorer Post headed west to Indiana University for 7 days for a national conference of posts. The week was filled with competitions between posts; First Response – what to do in a traffic accident where Kelly was the PD on duty who got injured during traffic duty; or solving a case of money fraud. During the Physical Fitness competition, Kelly won the push up competition against a young man also from the Fairfield Post. She completed 36 pushups while wearing a 35 lb weighted vest. At the closing ceremony, the former director of the Secret Service presented a medal to her.

“It is an honor to be a member of the Fairfield Explorers’ Post. I am growing with them while we learn all about public safety. I love it, “ Kelly exclaimed.first day 003