Fairfield- “The best part of the project was working with Josh!” explained James, a student at Saint Catherine Academy. “We are doing this for the School Sisters of Notre Dame and it is fun,” added Joshua.

Teamwork was the theme of the day at Saint Catherine Academy. We started the day with a mailing project to help the Advancement Office for the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Sr. Maureen Ulatowski, SSND, on staff at Saint Catherine Academy coordinated this project with Leslie Lopez in the Advancement Office for SSNDs.  Boxes of cards, envelopes and inserts arrived and the students and staff worked together to assemble complete packets ready to be mailed. This involves fine motor skills like folding as well as sorting and collating skills.

Following this project, the students and staff gathered in the gym with several volunteers, Sr. Leonora, Michele Quinn and Nancy Murphy to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Merton House. The third Friday of every month is fondly called PB and J Friday. We partner with volunteers from Malta led by Judy Miller and make 300 sandwiches for the lunch crowd at Merton’s. This is our sixth year and we have made well over 15,000 sandwiches.

The tasks are complete; the skills have been developed and practiced but the most important lesson of the day is that it is fun to work together and do a great job!