Fairfield- “Jump in, kick out, hop step 1-2-3-4. Jump in, kick out, hop step 1-2-3-4.” The sounds of dancing feet and laughter filled the gym at Saint Catherine Academy this week as the students were treated to a dance demonstration by some Irish dancers from The Pender-Keady Academy of Irish Dance. After the performance, the SCA students got a chance to try some steps themselves with Erin Pender-LeVine leading the way. The students had a chance to see and experience the intricacies of the fine art of Irish Dance.

“We try to offer our students opportunities to experience their community,” commented Helen Burland, President of SCA. “Sometimes that means traveling to a program or event, sometimes the event comes to us. Our educational program values developing interpersonal skills as well as independent living skills; all of which need to be taught and practiced,” continued Burland. “When people are willing to come and share their talents, we all are richer for the experience.”

Cece Donoghue, School Advisory Board member organized the visit that brought four middle school girls (one is Cece’s daughter) to perform at Saint Catherine Academy. “St. Catherine Academy provides us with an opportunity to give back to our community,” says Erin Pender-LeVine. “I can’t think of a better way to build a bridge of fellowship, faith and compassion than spending a morning with our friends at SCA and sharing our love of Irish dance with these amazing students.”

Next stop is the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Bridgeport where our students will join the Catholic School Division and march. This year, they will have some new dance moves to showcase!