Back to School Excitement

A school year will begin on August 28th with all of the excitement that comes with new beginnings. This year, Saint Catherine Academy welcomes students and staff with some new faces. Brian Farrell joined the staff in July as the new Director of Education, a position that includes the responsibilities of building principal. His professional experience includes positions as School Psychologist and Director of Special Services of the Redding school district. Also new to Saint Catherine Academy is Michelle Herzog Ballard who will be a classroom teacher and brings over 10 years of teaching experience with students with a variety of disabilities. Our newest addition is Frances Guitierrez who will assist Ms. Ballard in her classroom.

In addition to new staff for the Academy, Michelle O’Mara has moved into her room and has begun her role as Director of Pastoral Care and Outreach as part of the expansion of services offered through the Saint Catherine Center for Special Needs. Sr. Marilyn Muldoon, formerly Principal at Saint Catherine Academy has taken on the role of Director of Inclusive Support working with all of the schools of the Diocese to assist teachers and principals in meeting the learning needs of children who are enrolled.

This is an exciting year for Saint Catherine Academy and the Center as we expand our services and strive to deliver our mission. It is with great joy and hope that we begin again.