Our Mission

Saint Catherine Academy is a state-approved, private special education school in Fairfield, Connecticut, serving students of all faiths who are impacted with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our highly structured, multi-disciplinary program is relationship based and individualized. With high expectations students grow academically; develop interpersonal competencies; independent living and vocational skills.

Our facility is intentionally designed to help students transition from former environments to one that encourages greater independence. In our nurturing, learning community, students develop positive self-esteem and self-confidence while acquiring the necessary skills to reach their potential for independent living or a return to a mainstream environment.

The Academy educates students ages 5-21 who are emotionally and behaviorally sound and available for learning, but currently unable to thrive in an inclusive setting. Saint Catherine Academy provides a stimulating learning community where students develop their potential in all areas of development.

The Academy is part of Saint Catherine Center for Special Needs that serves as the centralized resource for people with disabilities in the Diocese.