Mrs. LaPorta’s and Ms. Darlene’s Vocational Class took a community field trip to the Fairfield Police Department to learn how the Police Department operates. Upon arrival, the students were met by Lt. Jim Perez who shoed the students all around the department including where people are fingerprinted, and put in a jail cell. We were then escorted down a ramp where Vanessa was asked to push a button and a door opened to a small garage. It was explained to us that this is where the criminals are brought into the station for booking. The highlight of this trip was being shown the police motorcycles, police cars and the mobile command unit.

Each student prepared questions to learn about the different aspects of the Police Department. Lt. Perez was most helpful in answering all of the different questions, such as “What are handcuffs made of?” “How long do prisoners stay in jail?” “Are special needs people treated differently than others?”

It was a very informative and interesting trip that all the students enjoyed! IMG_0572IMG_0576   IMG_0566